Story migration

We will slowly be getting all the stories on this site.  I apologize for the time it is taking to move this time.  Life is so busy right now.  We will be keeping the message board for some fun and games but stories will be here.  As soon as the stories are moved, the board will be transitioned for fun!


Hello everyone!
Most of you have been with me on my writing journey for the past 3 years.  I have had so much fun with all of you!  You really do brighten my day!   You’re such special people that I love to pieces.  After a great deal of thought and prayer, I have decided that this new format will show more of me.  You’re going to get to know the person behind Rebekah a bit better through my blog entries as well as the other things I post.

I have not mastered this software yet so just hunt around.  Daily Devotional will be updated every day.  I am sure that I will have something to add to the funnies page and well as the inspirational pretty frequently too!

I am hoping this is our last move and that this software is user friendly enough for us all to be happy.   The developers seem to be updating frequently so any changes you see aren’t really my doing they are that of the brilliant minds behind the software.

May you all find joy and peace within this website!  I am thinking about starting a prayer wall page too.  So if you see the tab go up and you have a request shoot me a message!!


Love & Hugs